Wireless monitoring

DSC_3430I have been dabbling in the 'Internet of Things' for a while and have finally decided to monitor some 'things' around home. I looked around at several off the shelf items as well as a few DIY type offerings (i.e. Open Energy Monitor) but found them to be to exclusive, to expensive, to power hungry, to big or just not quite right. As I want to monitor lots of things (not sure what yet, but have lots of ideas) cost is important and so decided to do my own DIY job!

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The internet of things…

I'm quite interested in the 'Internet of Things' especially where this will personally save me money on my utilities and other things. The current issue, as I see it, is that there are many manufactures producing clever bits of kit but none of this kit talks to each other. For example we have clever heating systems that will control individual room temperatures, at present these have to be manually set as the heating system doesn't know if you are home or not. A burglar alarm knows when you are home (by the fact it is disabled), why not get the alarm to talk to the heating system to say when the heating is required. Over time a pattern will emerge and the system would 'learn' when you get home and make sure the house is pre-warmed.

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