More information:


  • Most of my working life has been projects based. From coming up with the initial solution to a problem and seeing it through to the final system regardless of whether it is a mechanical, software, web or other solution.
  • Initial and ongoing client meetings.
  • Managing timescales.
  • Managing budgets.
  • System installations and commissioning.
  • Ongoing support.


  • Circuit design mostly digital but some analogue.
  • PCB design, I have my own copy of EasyPC but have used others in the past.
  • Fault finding.
  • Prototype build.
  • Prepare for manufacture.
  • Ongoing support.

Software development

  • Embedded software/Firmware design and documentation, mostly C on the Microchip PIC 8 and 16 bit packages and AVR but have ‘dabbled’ with others. Mostly in C but can drop into assembler as required.
  • Desktop development, Python, c#, Xojo (plus VB6,
  • Visual studio, botnet-core
  • Optimisation.
  • Mobile device development. iOS and Android using Cordova
  • At home with Windows, Mac and Linux.


  • Mechanical design and 2D CAD knowledge (AutoCAD, draftsight)
  • Pneumatic knowledge, again have used as part of systems design.


  • Design & Development


  • Application design.
  • Operating system re-install.
  • Install applications.
  • System fault finding and cleanup.
  • Install and upgrade hardware.


  • System installation and onsite commissioning.
  • Customer/Technical support.
  • Technical documentation, word, photoshop, CAD etc as required.
  • Electrical design, not a favourite but have used as part of overall system design.
  • Knowledge of networks.
  • The usual everyday applications, Microsoft office, Adobe creative suite.

Current projects include:

  • Pre-delivery commissioning and configuration of kiosk counting systems destined for Canada.
  • The getWaiter! app and website.
  • A low cost, high functionality replacement for an off the shelf PLC unit.

Past projects:

  • I am adding these to my blog pages all the time. See here for the blog.

A mini-CV:


RAKtronics Limited 2013 – Present

New product development

Ipsos Retail Performance (was Synovate Retail Performance) 2011-2013 Retail footfall and customer insights. System development Synovate Retail Performance (was SPSL) 2008-2011 Retail footfall and customer insights.

Electronics/Software/System engineer

SPSL 2005-2008 Retail footfall and customer insights.

Image processing software Engineer

Dimaco 2004-2005 Food package inspection systems.


Vision Controls Limited 1992-2004 Industrial vision inspection and control systems.

Software/Electronics engineer

Design Technologies Limited 1989-1992 Multi-axis machine tool design and manufacture.

Quality Assurance/repair technician

MFI Computer Engineering 1985-1989 Repair and testing of network and retail systems.

Electronics and Telecommunications Apprenticeship

The Royal Aircraft Establishment 1980-1985 Four year electronics and telecommunications apprenticeship.