My work [Everything else]

While the electronics and software are the bulk of my career they are not everything I can do. Having worked for many types of company, both big and small across many areas I have picked up a few other bits and pieces along the way. Being of the practical type new stuff comes relatively easy and I’m always up for learning something new.

As many of these abilities have been applicable to many of my past jobs they are not presented in chronological order but rather an adhoc list, here goes…

Project design/management

I have often been solely responsible or have played an major part of many projects in the past. These have involved all aspects from the initial meetings with the customer through the design, build, testing, documentation to the on-site commissioning along with managing timescales, budgets, suppliers etc to make sure everything comes together as it should.

System design

This is the good bit, designing stuff that does things! Taking the initial seed of an idea from the customer and working it through to a fully working solution. This often includes mechanical, electrical, electronics, pneumatics, software, optical amongst others. Other times it is purely a software based system or just a design that someone else has that need coordinating with others and managing from the concept through to the final solution.

Mechanical stuff

I have done many mechanical designs from simple sheet metal boxes, to machined metal parts to complex mechanical systems. Mostly using AutoCADLt or DraftSight. More recently I have been experimenting with 3D CAD and my 3D printer.

As well as being able to design mechanics I can find my way round a lathe and milling machine and know one end of a screwdriver from the other. I have spent quite a bit of time machining and assembling on various projects in the past.


Every system needs a spec and a manual. I created many of these for various projects, mostly using MS Office and pulling in various images from other CAD and drawing packages as required. I have also created a few tutorial videos using professional voiceover artists to provide the commentary.

Problem solving

Often a customer may be unsure of the problem they have and has no idea of a possible solution. Sometimes during a system build problems occur that need to be worked around. I pride myself on my practical problem solving skills, they have got us out of a hole on more than one occasion.

On-site commissioning

I’ve spent many hours on site working with other supplier, systems integrators, the customer and their engineers to setup, commission and train staff on the operation of the machines.

Working with the manufacturers

From one off parts that need the manufactures input on the best way to make the part to cost engineering a whole project to be able to make the product in the most efficient and cost effective way.


I’m reasonably up to date on web technologies but in no way class myself as a developer (I have someone to do that for me). That said, I’m quite capable of a bit of HTML and setting up a WordPress site.

Everything else

Woodwork, metalwork, robotics, electrical, pneumatics, general craft type work, 3D printing and probably a lot more I’ve forgotten to mention or have not yet done.

What ever next?

Who knows, watch this space!

If you’re interested in working with me, contact me here.



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