Setup in early 2013 RAKtronics is mostly me, Richard Fisher.

With my electronic and software skills along with a huge amount of experience acquired over years working for various project, product, and service orientated companies I believe I bring a unique range of skills and knowledge to your projects

Based in Northamptonshire in the UK we can develop your project right from the concept stage through to getting ready for the manufacturing process.

See the sections below for more info on the individual areas.


Electronics has formed a major part of my career. Whether you need a one off design making up on a piece of veroboard, a one off PCB or a complete design ready for large scale production .


Software is something I migrated into as it became a significant part of the electronics world. I’ve developed many embedded and desktop systems and more recently into the mobile app space.

System/project design

From one offs to large production runs I have designed and built many systems over my career. As well as electronics and software these also add my electrical, mechanical, pneumatic and project management skills to the mix.


Whether you need a one off design making up on a piece of veroboard, a one off PCB or a complete design ready for large scale production I can work with you.

  • Circuit design, mostly digital but some analogue.
  • Prototype build, test and debug.
  • PCB design.
  • Prototype PCB assembly and low volume build.
  • Working with your manufacturer to optimise the design for production.
  • Documentation.
  • Bills of materials.
  • Diagnostics and repair work down to component level.
  • Reworking an obsolete design to use modern components and production.


See here for more detailed information


Embedded software/firmware

Using predominantly the PIC range of devices from Microchip I can code anything from simple controllers through to full bespoke solutions.

System software

Written for the Windows and Mac platforms I can create simple test applications to full blown desktop applications.

Mobile applications

A new area for us! We are currently working with a framework that allows us to develop cross platform apps.


If web is part of your overall project then I can help.


See here for more detailed information

System design/project management

I have been directly responsible for many projects, from an initial idea on a scrap of paper to the full finished complete product along with any documentation and training required.
My unique range of skills allows me to be very knowledgable an most areas, for any areas I’m not, I have a network of contacts that can help.
Having lead many of the projects I have worked on so I am used to project managing the various stages of projects, timescales, budgets, suppliers etc..

Details of some previous projects will be added to the blog pages soon.

See here for more detailed information