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RAKtronics was created in early 2013 to provide electronics and software based solutions to industry. We are a small independent company with a wide area of experience and can offer knowledgable and flexible solutions.

Setup in early 2013 RAKtronics is mostly me, Richard Fisher.

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Electronics has formed a major part of my career. Whether you need a one off design making up on a piece of veroboard, a one off PCB or a complete design ready for large scale production .


Software is something I migrated into as it became a significant part of the electronics world. I’ve developed many embedded and desktop systems and more recently into the mobile app space.

System/project design

While no longer pursuing the large systems my previous experience gives me a unique insight to the various requirements associated with these system when designing smaller modules for these Systems.

Latest posts

3D Printing

3D printing has become mainstream over the last few years. It can now reliably be used by home hobbyists and small businesses to produce parts that would have been impossible just a few years ago.

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Designing an outdoor people counter

Having been in the retail footfall counting business for a number of years I am well aware of the process of counting people, a sensor to ‘see’ the people, a data logger to record the counts and then a way of uploading the counts to a central server so the numbers can be seen by the client, however this presents a whole new set of challenges when there is no power and you are miles from anywhere…

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