Most of my working life has been projects based. From working with an existing system to retrofit or upgrade existing functionality to being responsible for the complete design, from customer meetings, concepts, budgets, design and build through to commissioning on the customers site and carrying out any training for operators and staff where it is needed.

As RAKtronics most of my projects have been electronics and software based with a little mechanical work as needed. I still perform all the above tasks but the project are generally part of a much bigger project handled by the clients.

I have details some past and present projects in the blog and will add more are time (and clients) allow.


From simple passive boards to larger more complex designs with micro-controllers and multiple interfaces.

  • Initial concepts and designs
  • PCB design, build and test.
  • Test equipment for testing assemblies.
  • Low power optimised designs.
  • Mostly digital, PIC, Atmel.
  • Working with manufactures to optimise designs.
See here for more information on PCB abilities and here for more information on electronics abilities


Multiple platforms and languages for both PCs and embedded systems, including:
  • Embedded systems: C/C++, some assembler (as needed), Arduino, PIC, Atmel, micro-python.
  • PC (windows) development: .NET standard, .NET Core, Xojo, python, Visual Basic.
  • Linux: .Net Core, python, C/C++.
  • Mac: Python, Xojo.
  • Basic web development, html, css, JavaScript, web-sockets.
  • Mobile application development for iOS and Android using Cordova.
  • Comfortable using Mac/Windows/Linux.
  • Networking including raw sockets, MQTT and RabbitMQ.
See here for more information on software and here for more information on development languages.


While this is no longer a target market, I have been responsible for many mechanical designs and builds in the past so have a great understanding of the ‘bigger picture’ when it comes to my part in a systems overall concept and design.

  • Mechanical design and 2D CAD knowledge (Draftsight, AutoCADLT).
  • Some 3D CAD design, mostly for 3D printing (fusion 360).
  • Electrical systems and panels.
  • Conveyors, robotics, part handling etc.
  • Pneumatic systems.


  • Onsite commissioning and support.
  • Technical documentation and training.
  • Basic networking.
  • The usual office applications as well as CAD, graphics etc.