PCB Design

PCB design has been quite busy recently, both for my own projects and for clients as either just a design or part of a larger electronics project, so here for more information on the electronics side of things. 

Boards are typically double sided with the occasional single sided board. So far sizes have ranged from 10*10mm to around 350*110mm.

I use EasyPC from NumberOne systems for PCB development, I have used others in the past but have no recent experience of any.

Unless specifically requested, all designs are created in a schematic package and forwarded to the PCB layout package. This significantly reduces the number of errors, normally to zero!

PLC replacement

There are two variants of this, both double sided. The first version was to replace a PLC in a food package inspection system, the second to do the same but also replace many of the interconnects and terminal rails in the system. There is a blog post on this, click here to view.

Camera interface

One of my clients provides vision systems and has a wide range of offerings. A solution was required to provide power and configuration to a flexible range of devices.

Outdoor counters

These are for the outdoor counting system currently being developed. There have been a number of different revisions of the board so far as we fine tune the final version. At present one board serves several different application, great for flexibility but does then involve a lot of (expensive and slow) external wiring. See here and here for more information.

Environmental sensors

This is a personal project and part of the home monitoring system. Two variants, a RFM12 based system and and NRF24L01 based system, these will be discussed elsewhere at some point.

Retail customer counting

A project from a previous job.